Hi everyone, just wanted to share my experience buying from Rx Rex.
I bought the first 40 tabs in June some time. The first time they were shipped, they got caught up in India customs and Rex reshipped them completely free. After them being resent they arrived at my house within 2 weeks or so. They were legit pills and I definitely feel them working every time I take them. I started out with 100 mg (half a pill) and find that dose works great for me.
Just ordered my second batch today (80 tabs) and forgot to include the code «iheartrex» for the additional 10 tabs. I PMed Rex right after submitting my order asking what my options were and he included the extra tabs, no hassle and no questions asked.
Every single time I PM Rex, he responds within a couple of hours. This is why I returned to buy from him again because I can trust his service. I 100% recommend him as a source!